organizing your life…

Organization is key to many things in life. It could be a business transaction or a company’s finances, but these are not what I am referring too. In this case I am referring to the rooms in an interior space that are used for storage and are messy and unorganized.  We can all admit, that we have either seen one or, in most cases, have one or two of these particular rooms in our home.   These rooms are normally used to store anything and everything that doesn’t want to be seen.  This is because it is hidden behind closed doors and not seen in plan site. 

The reason that these rooms become this way is due to the over amount of items that we like to hold on to and the stuff we don’t know what to do with.  The best way to change these rooms into something useful and great is a little organization.  By organizing the items that are stored in these rooms, give you the ability to use the room in a more beneficial manner.  Taking the clutter out of a room and bringing it into use. 

Organization is easy to do in interior spaces. First one need’s to decide what is most valuable and what is trash.  By relieving the trash from the space you get more of the essential items that are closest to you.  This could be difficult for some, because they like to keep everything.  Although it could be hard, you’re going to have to delegate what is going to be most useful in your life and the items you will actually use. Once this is done the rest is simple. 

The items that you keep, you start to store them in bins and places that are relevant to the particular item.   Once they are all stored in particular places that are suitable for their purpose, you end up with an organized room that becomes a place of use. It could end up being a craft room, a study room, or anything that you desire it to be.  The best thing is that you have come to terms with a messy room and turned it into an organized, elegant space.


Pictures and their influence…

Where ever we go during the day we see photos that have nature, people, monuments, sports, symbols and the like. Recently I have been looking at photos online, from local photographers, and photos that are in stores that stand out and make a statement when come across.  I get fascinated on how photos standout and develop a type of atmosphere that can be incorporated in other spaces such as a living room in a home or in a bedroom where a child sleeps.  

 One in particular was from the store, Oakley.  It is a photo that represents the brand they use for their watches, sunglasses and other merchandise.  The symbol is a large O, which stands for the Oakley brand.  This photo caught my eye because it was mounted on the wall behind the registers in the store.  It took up the entire length of the counter space in front of it and is about 7 feet wide and about 4 feet long.  This photo is so large that it can stand alone in any space and be the focal point of any room. 

Once I saw this photo in a store, it got me thinking what other places it can be incorporated in an interior space.  I started thinking it would be great as a head board in a bedroom, a focal point image above a fireplace in a living room, dining room, or game room.  Consequently, an easy solution to focal point a bed, living room area, or dining room area is to frame a large photo of any type. For example, a photo of your favorite item can be framed and placed as a focal point above a bed in a guest room.  It brings interest to a room when stepped into and also is a great conversation piece when people are viewing or staying in that space.

Therefore, a quick and easy solution to fill a blank space in an interior is to frame a photo that influences you as a person.  It doesn’t matter what type of photo as long as it applies to your life and the interior space that you want your photo to intrigue. Just like the Oakley photo was the focal point to the retail store.

The plain and boring…

Do you ever walk into a space and think to yourself, that’s so creative or ohh that’s boring…

Today I walked into my friends place and had to stand back and take it all in. It was definitely the typical guys place. No decorations on the walls, minimal amounts of furniture, and cords everywhere.  It was interesting to me that they lived in this place for about a month now and haven’t decided what they wanted to do decorating wise, on the walls.  But at the same time it let my mind race with creative ideas. 

In a guy’s place you have be careful on what types of decorations you decide to put on the walls. You don’t want it to look girlie, as most might put it; you need to take it to a sophisticated level. This may include figuring out what is most important to the guys and base all decorating skills around those items.  In this particular situation, my best suggestion to these men is to go simple.  They can start with a color choice for the walls or just a color they can base all their decorations on.  Once they have chosen a color, it will be easy from there.  In their case the color was either dark green or brown. So I suggested framing a few different pictures or awards on the walls, to make the bare seem more at home.  As soon as they do that they need to take care of the cords that were everywhere.  I told them to find something to put in front of the cords.  This could be a book shelf, a DVD stand for movies, or even the television stand.  That way the cords are hidden so no one will be able to tell that they have a cord for every electronic device you can think of.

These might seem like small changes, but in reality it is just the amount needed in a guy’s living space. It doesn’t take much to dress up a dull space, just a few minor adjustments that don’t take long and are on a simple budget.

So the next time you go into a guy’s place and see that it is plain or dull. Give them a few pointers that are simple, easy, and doesn’t take much time to complete.

Where does your creativity come from…

Where does creativity come from when trying to fix a simple problem in your home?

The answer to this question is…it depends.  Most creativity comes from outside sources.  This creativity could be from what you see on television, in department stores, magazines, and much more. It also depends on what you are going for in the particular space that needs to be fixed up.

Recently I moved into a new place and had to redesign my whole entire bedroom. It was quite a challenge because I didn’t know what I wanted it to look like but had my eyes set on letting it reflect who I was.  I started with the furniture first, to see what was simple but elegant.  I chose black because it is a neutral color and matches with everything, no matter what color you use as ascents.  Then I continued with the ascent colors for the bedspread, ottomans, pillows, etc.  I chose dark plum purple, tan, white, and a rustic brown.  This might seem like a lot of colors to most but in reality it gives you free range to be as creative as you want with more colors. Once I chose my color scheme I had to decide what I wanted to do with them.  I thought to myself what types of things do I like and represent me. What came to my mind first were flowers, I love flowers and how they can brighten up a room. Then I went with personal touches such as photos of friends, family, and pets.  Then everything started to flow right into place. With the personal touches, the color scheme, and the quotes that I felt identified me as a person best and would come together well in an elegant room. 


So where does creativity come from in decorating a space….everywhere! From using your favorite colors and by adding the elements that represent you is where you creativity comes into play to make up a space that reflects you as an individual.


Hello everyone!

Welcome to my creative imagination. I hope you enjoy and take interest in what I intend to talk about.  I am an exciting and energetic person that loves to take on new tasks and find simple solutions to challenging problems in design.  I am here to take on the challenge of finding simple solutions to household and everyday problems that involve interior design. This could be design of a kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, or even a desk at a local business. Whatever the problem, there is always an organized and elegant solution.  When you have the solution it only takes a few imaginative ideas and organizational skill to make anything bright and vibrant.   

The purpose of finding new solutions in design is to find out who you are as a person by the colors, the style, and particular design you are going for.  In all the situations and ways we do things in life, it all reflects who we are as a person and the little bit of detail makes it a personal touch that reflects you.  I cannot reiterate enough that you are the soul person in your own thinking and design. By using that own thinking and a little of help, everyone can bring personality in the design that they choose. 

The reason that I am here and talking to you all is because everyone needs to step out and find the person they are when designing.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort, just enough to get through and find how you want to represent yourself in your creativity.  So on this journey I am going to take my own creative and imaginative ideas to solve the simple solutions to everyone’s every day design needs. Imagination is inspiration!