Hello everyone!

Welcome to my creative imagination. I hope you enjoy and take interest in what I intend to talk about.  I am an exciting and energetic person that loves to take on new tasks and find simple solutions to challenging problems in design.  I am here to take on the challenge of finding simple solutions to household and everyday problems that involve interior design. This could be design of a kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, or even a desk at a local business. Whatever the problem, there is always an organized and elegant solution.  When you have the solution it only takes a few imaginative ideas and organizational skill to make anything bright and vibrant.   

The purpose of finding new solutions in design is to find out who you are as a person by the colors, the style, and particular design you are going for.  In all the situations and ways we do things in life, it all reflects who we are as a person and the little bit of detail makes it a personal touch that reflects you.  I cannot reiterate enough that you are the soul person in your own thinking and design. By using that own thinking and a little of help, everyone can bring personality in the design that they choose. 

The reason that I am here and talking to you all is because everyone needs to step out and find the person they are when designing.  It doesn’t take a lot of effort, just enough to get through and find how you want to represent yourself in your creativity.  So on this journey I am going to take my own creative and imaginative ideas to solve the simple solutions to everyone’s every day design needs. Imagination is inspiration!


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