Where does your creativity come from…

Where does creativity come from when trying to fix a simple problem in your home?

The answer to this question is…it depends.  Most creativity comes from outside sources.  This creativity could be from what you see on television, in department stores, magazines, and much more. It also depends on what you are going for in the particular space that needs to be fixed up.

Recently I moved into a new place and had to redesign my whole entire bedroom. It was quite a challenge because I didn’t know what I wanted it to look like but had my eyes set on letting it reflect who I was.  I started with the furniture first, to see what was simple but elegant.  I chose black because it is a neutral color and matches with everything, no matter what color you use as ascents.  Then I continued with the ascent colors for the bedspread, ottomans, pillows, etc.  I chose dark plum purple, tan, white, and a rustic brown.  This might seem like a lot of colors to most but in reality it gives you free range to be as creative as you want with more colors. Once I chose my color scheme I had to decide what I wanted to do with them.  I thought to myself what types of things do I like and represent me. What came to my mind first were flowers, I love flowers and how they can brighten up a room. Then I went with personal touches such as photos of friends, family, and pets.  Then everything started to flow right into place. With the personal touches, the color scheme, and the quotes that I felt identified me as a person best and would come together well in an elegant room. 


So where does creativity come from in decorating a space….everywhere! From using your favorite colors and by adding the elements that represent you is where you creativity comes into play to make up a space that reflects you as an individual.


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