The plain and boring…

Do you ever walk into a space and think to yourself, that’s so creative or ohh that’s boring…

Today I walked into my friends place and had to stand back and take it all in. It was definitely the typical guys place. No decorations on the walls, minimal amounts of furniture, and cords everywhere.  It was interesting to me that they lived in this place for about a month now and haven’t decided what they wanted to do decorating wise, on the walls.  But at the same time it let my mind race with creative ideas. 

In a guy’s place you have be careful on what types of decorations you decide to put on the walls. You don’t want it to look girlie, as most might put it; you need to take it to a sophisticated level. This may include figuring out what is most important to the guys and base all decorating skills around those items.  In this particular situation, my best suggestion to these men is to go simple.  They can start with a color choice for the walls or just a color they can base all their decorations on.  Once they have chosen a color, it will be easy from there.  In their case the color was either dark green or brown. So I suggested framing a few different pictures or awards on the walls, to make the bare seem more at home.  As soon as they do that they need to take care of the cords that were everywhere.  I told them to find something to put in front of the cords.  This could be a book shelf, a DVD stand for movies, or even the television stand.  That way the cords are hidden so no one will be able to tell that they have a cord for every electronic device you can think of.

These might seem like small changes, but in reality it is just the amount needed in a guy’s living space. It doesn’t take much to dress up a dull space, just a few minor adjustments that don’t take long and are on a simple budget.

So the next time you go into a guy’s place and see that it is plain or dull. Give them a few pointers that are simple, easy, and doesn’t take much time to complete.


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