Pictures and their influence…

Where ever we go during the day we see photos that have nature, people, monuments, sports, symbols and the like. Recently I have been looking at photos online, from local photographers, and photos that are in stores that stand out and make a statement when come across.  I get fascinated on how photos standout and develop a type of atmosphere that can be incorporated in other spaces such as a living room in a home or in a bedroom where a child sleeps.  

 One in particular was from the store, Oakley.  It is a photo that represents the brand they use for their watches, sunglasses and other merchandise.  The symbol is a large O, which stands for the Oakley brand.  This photo caught my eye because it was mounted on the wall behind the registers in the store.  It took up the entire length of the counter space in front of it and is about 7 feet wide and about 4 feet long.  This photo is so large that it can stand alone in any space and be the focal point of any room. 

Once I saw this photo in a store, it got me thinking what other places it can be incorporated in an interior space.  I started thinking it would be great as a head board in a bedroom, a focal point image above a fireplace in a living room, dining room, or game room.  Consequently, an easy solution to focal point a bed, living room area, or dining room area is to frame a large photo of any type. For example, a photo of your favorite item can be framed and placed as a focal point above a bed in a guest room.  It brings interest to a room when stepped into and also is a great conversation piece when people are viewing or staying in that space.

Therefore, a quick and easy solution to fill a blank space in an interior is to frame a photo that influences you as a person.  It doesn’t matter what type of photo as long as it applies to your life and the interior space that you want your photo to intrigue. Just like the Oakley photo was the focal point to the retail store.


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