organizing your life…

Organization is key to many things in life. It could be a business transaction or a company’s finances, but these are not what I am referring too. In this case I am referring to the rooms in an interior space that are used for storage and are messy and unorganized.  We can all admit, that we have either seen one or, in most cases, have one or two of these particular rooms in our home.   These rooms are normally used to store anything and everything that doesn’t want to be seen.  This is because it is hidden behind closed doors and not seen in plan site. 

The reason that these rooms become this way is due to the over amount of items that we like to hold on to and the stuff we don’t know what to do with.  The best way to change these rooms into something useful and great is a little organization.  By organizing the items that are stored in these rooms, give you the ability to use the room in a more beneficial manner.  Taking the clutter out of a room and bringing it into use. 

Organization is easy to do in interior spaces. First one need’s to decide what is most valuable and what is trash.  By relieving the trash from the space you get more of the essential items that are closest to you.  This could be difficult for some, because they like to keep everything.  Although it could be hard, you’re going to have to delegate what is going to be most useful in your life and the items you will actually use. Once this is done the rest is simple. 

The items that you keep, you start to store them in bins and places that are relevant to the particular item.   Once they are all stored in particular places that are suitable for their purpose, you end up with an organized room that becomes a place of use. It could end up being a craft room, a study room, or anything that you desire it to be.  The best thing is that you have come to terms with a messy room and turned it into an organized, elegant space.


One thought on “organizing your life…

  1. I am glad to see your ideas, these are really helpful for me as I am very busy and the clutter can be hard for me to get through.

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