Ohh kitchens…

Kitchens are an important part to any home.  It is the place where the family comes together to cook, gossip, and be as one.  In most instances kitchens are the place of conversation. When there is a get together or party, everyone ends up in the kitchen.  So today I thought I would bring some tips to this conversational area and find ways for it to be clean and organized for this purpose and everyday use.

We all know that every kitchen has a million pots, pans, and cooking accessories needed to function when cooking.  When dealing with the pots and pans in a kitchen, one must first decide where the most functional place is to put them.  The best place is near the stove or range depending on an individual’s kitchen layout.  Then it is on to the dishes, these items should be stored in upper cabinets in a place that is in between the sink and the stove.  This way it will only take a few steps to grab them or put them away.   I would also suggest putting the glass cups in the same particular places because it would be organized and easy to get to. This is also good with the silverware too.

By placing items in areas that are easy and functional to use it becomes simple when cooking and entertaining.  The main point is to organize and make the kitchen items functional for the day to day operations.  The other essential tip is to get rid of items that aren’t used very much, or at all.  Keep what you need and ditch the rest. 

So when reorganizing the kitchen, it can be easy and a little fun to eliminate the clutter and leave the essential items that brings this conversational area together.


Too small…No Way

Lately I have been seeing smaller spaces that are overcrowded or the furniture in the space is too large and makes the room feel smaller than it is.  So I have been thinking of ways that are easy and simple that can help a small space seem less cramped and more spacious.

To start off, one needs to consider using color when decorating a small space.  It is not really preferred to use dark or daring colors because it can make a space feel smaller than it already is. But this is also up to the person because if they want to use a color that is bold, go for it because it is seen in interior spaces. However, be sure not to use more than two colors because the space will become visually overwhelming and can make the space feel messy and unorganized.

Next would be the furniture choice.  A good way to conserve space visually is using pieces of furniture that are not bulky and oversized.  The key point is not to find furniture pieces that are massive.  They should match the size of the room and be visually pleasing at the same time.  Also one must not choose more pieces of furniture just because it is small.  The phrase “less is more” should be used in this instance because of the amount of space that is being occupied to decorate.

Like I was reiterating about furniture, one needs to be sure to stay within a scale that is appropriate.  By keeping the accessories and décor items to scale will make the room feel less cluttered.  We want the room to feel large but in fact it is a small space.  The visually pleasing element is the important part.  So when buying items or using items as accessories, be sure they are not oversized because it will just make the piece look out of place. 

The last suggestion that I would bring to decorating a small space is the aspect of making it feel larger.  The easiest way to do this is to incorporate elements into the space that elevates the height in the room.  The best example to use is window treatments. A great way to incorporate this height is to be sure to hang a curtain rod up close to the ceiling so that the curtain falls from the ceiling to the floor.  This will give the space an illusion of height but not actually doing anything to the ceilings themselves.

By incorporating these tips and ideas into a small space, one can decorate without the feeling of not knowing what to do. So try these tips in your own space and see what they can do for you.

Spring cleaning in the bathroom…

Today I was getting ready for work and I noticed how much beauty supplies that I own.  I find myself using them every day and throwing them under the sink or in the cabinet.  This whole bathroom arrangement got me thinking.  Every girl and guy has bathroom essentials that they have when getting ready or just when cleaning up.  I thought, oh hey what if there was a better efficient way of organizing the bathroom to make it more effective when getting ready.

So I thought up some ideas that would be great.  First you need to take a few minutes and go through all of your cabinets and drawers, to find out which items that are used the most and which ones aren’t. The ones that are not used need to be thrown away.  Even if you think you might use them in the future and don’t want to get rid of them, nine out of ten times you won’t, so just toss them. This will save you the trouble of tossing them later.

Then I suggest that you clean the bathroom before putting everything back into a simple and organized place. Once the bathroom is clean, evaluate where you had your most essential items at.  Answer the key questions of whether you liked where your items were stored? Or were they in a convenient location?  If so keep these items in those locations, and if not, find out more convenient location to put them.  To make things even a little easier I suggest measuring your cabinet space and drawer space. Measuring your spaces will give you incentive to invest in dividers for key items that are used every day, and bins for shelves that hold your other items.  This way they will be stored and perfectly placed for a simplistic look. 

Once your bathroom is complete you will be happy and not have to worry about the messy cabinets and drawers anymore with these simple tips. So take some free time and clean your bathroom and see if they work for you!

Do you make the bed or is it left a mess…

Today I have been looking through articles that would inspire me. I have found a couple, but one in particular stood out.  The reason it stood out is because I was talking with my roommate about beds and being made or not. We both came to the conclusion that we make our bed every day.  But this particular topic was brought up because her bed is normally made, but not to the extent that it should be.  She does not make the bed that much because she is out of the house before her boyfriend gets out of bed, so her boyfriend ends up making it.  This idea of making the bed to be more organized and visually pleasing to the room gave me an idea.

We all know that the bed is the most important part to a room and in most instances is the focal point.  At times when someone comes over to your home and the bed is not made, it can be embarrassing to most people. In my own experience I have witnessed that boys are normally the ones that don’t have their beds made.  This is just something I have come across but I also do see girls rooms that  also do not make their bed made. These individuals normally just pull the sheet up and leave it at that. 

Today I read an article that gave exact directions on how to make the bed for individual’s that don’t know how to.  The article came from www.hihut.com that was titled “How to make Your Bed.” These exact directions that are very useful and can really give a new meaning to making the bed.  It could inspire the ones that don’t know how to make the bed and end up transforming them into perfect bed makers. 

Not only is making the bed important but by just knowing how to do it gives the first incentive to organize a room.  By having the bed made gives a room a different feel.  The room could be unorganized and dirty, but the bed is more of the focal point and gives it a better welcoming feel. 

So if you have any individual’s that don’t know how to make the bed, give them this article on the step by step directions and see if they change their bedroom habits.  

Direct link: http://www.hihut.com/how-to-make-your-bed.html

Creating damage to creating design…

Today at work, I was extremely busy working on remodeling the store with new merchandise that came in. We redo the store every few months to incorporate the new styles and colors for the particular season.  This season we are getting ready for Christmas. By folding every piece of clothing to perfection and size stickering them, we transformed the store. 

During this transformation a few of my co-workers and managers were talking about the jewelry case that is located on one of the tables.  They were trying to find the key to open the display case, so we can put the brand new jewelry pieces in it.  Come to find out, none of the keys that we had worked, so they had the brilliant idea to hammer the case open.  This may seem very unconventional to some, but what can you do when you can’t open it and have a brand new one sitting in the back room that could be used.  So we took the case out back to the dumpster and took a few swings and broke the case open to get the jewelry out, and at the same time we had a little fun doing damage.  But once seeing the shattered glass on the floor, it gave me a brilliant idea.

The idea was to use the shattered glass as a decorative piece.  In particular, I was thinking of using the glass with picture frames.  You would take either a plain colored frame, doesn’t matter what the color is, then start to glue on the shattered pieces of glass to the sides of the frame.  This then becomes sort of a mosaic frame that is creative and elegant.  It will take time to glue on the pieces of glass to the frame but definitely can be turned into a beautiful decorative element around a picture that brings back memories.

This idea of using shattered glass is just one way to develop an artistic project and a decorative element in your home.  Other items that could be used are sea shells, beads, sticks, and anything else that can be glued.  Whatever the object, you can incorporate it into a frame. This frame is simple and easy to do, with little effort but becomes a great piece of artwork around a picture.  So the next time you break something,  how you can incorporate that into a design element.

Closets…is yours organized?

Lately I have been looking at catalogs that have been interesting. While I was rubbishing through these catalogs, I came across the Bed Bath & Beyond catalog and noticed some items that are great for organizing, most importantly organizing closets.

Closets are always seen in homes, apartments, and hotel rooms. No matter what the size of the closet, either a walk-in closet or one that has sliding doors, we all have to put our clothes somewhere to store them. This is unless you are a young boy or any boy for that matter that keeps their clothes on the floor, either clean or even dirty too. There is no offense intended to these boys that do this, they just need an easier way to organize their clothes so that this doesn’t happen. 

There are many organizing techniques that can be used to organize a closet.  First you need to decide what you want to hang. In most instances we normally hang t-shirts, dress shirts, jackets, and slacks. For women they will also hang tank tops, jeans, even dresses and skirts.  Once you have decided what to hang, I would suggest putting each type of clothing item that is similar together.  Examples of this would be t-shirts and so forth.  A tip to be even more organized would be placing each item by color, so you can see what you have and the range of colors that occupy your closet.  This tip does not need to be utilized, just an easier organization tool. 

Other ways to organize is to place bins in your closet that are used for certain items.  In this case I am referring to the accessories that women ultimately have.  This is the scarves, belts, and decorative pieces that are used to accentuate your look. Once you have bins and items that are hanging, I would then add an organizer for shoes. This could be a hanging organizer that you find at Bed Bath & Beyond or even one that is placed on a shelf or the floor in your closet, either way it gets your shoes off the floor of the closet. 

Once the shoes, accessories, and clothes are set in their particular place, you should end up with a closet that is organized and visually pleasing to pick out your outfit for every occasion. The last thing is the doors on your closet.  Most people do not like to close their closet doors, either the sliding or walk-in ones.  So I would suggest hanging a bar in front of the walk-in closet door and place a sheer curtain in front of it.  This way all you have to do is walk in.  For the sliding doors I would also place a rod and sheer curtains to hide the clothes and doors to make it visually pleasing.   

These are just some tips to organize your closet and spice up your dull and boring closet doors that you might have. The best way to find organizing accessories is stores that specialize in helping these particular spaces, such as Bed Bath & Beyond. So good luck and hopefully this inspires you closet to be revamped.

Personality traits

We all have those days were we are invited to someone’s house for a party or just to stop by to chat for a little. When I get the chance to go over to a friend’s house, no matter what the occasion, I always seem to look around to see how they decorate.  I don’t do this to just be a creeper, but for other reasons.  I am always intrigued on how people decorate their houses.  It shows personality through design instead of through the individual.  While it shows personality, it also gives away great ideas that you can use in your own home. 

Recently I had the pleasure to visit my friend’s house.  She lives in a two bedroom, one bathroom house that is quite small, but fits her and her roommate perfectly.  For two people you don’t need a lot of space, as long as you know your limits and use the space you have efficiently.  In their house, you walk into a living room that has two velvet blue couches, a coffee table, and a pretty good size television.  It immediately reminded me of a bohemian theme.  The reason for this is because you had the blue couches and the entrance to the kitchen had the beaded strands that separated the two rooms from each other.  To go along with this they had candles and little knick knacks on the table.  Then going into one of the bedrooms I noticed the beautiful flowered artwork that was on the wall, which matched the comforter on the bed.  It showed me a different side of my friend and decorative side that I would have not even have thought of.  Once I saw the whole house I asked where she got her ideas from.  She told me that it was a relaxed type of theme.  They wanted it to be a very chill and confortable place to come home to after a long day of work or school.

When I look back on her house, I see that all design depends on the person or persons that live in the house. This is just one instance where I view decoration as a personality trait.  In future visits to homes in my life and in yours, take a step back and view the interior that you walk into.  It will open your eyes to see a trait that was not seen before.   In all an interior space tells you more about a person than by just talking to them.