Something old or something new…

We all know that there are plenty of television shows that help individual’s quick fix things in homes.  Most of these shows are a how-to kind of show that you see on TLC or HGTV.  Today I was told about a show that airs on the Lifetime network.  This show is called “Picker Sisters.”  This show stars two best friends and well known interior designers that worked on the show “Extreme Makeover:  Home Edition.” In this show these two women take interesting pieces, such as items from a junk yard or garage sale and bring them to Los Angeles and make extraordinary furniture items that they display in their store.  These two women do not hold back and definitely follow the saying “one person’s trash is another person’s treasure.”

The Picker Sisters television show

By watching some of these episodes, I got to see the types of pieces they developed and it got me thinking that everyone could do this.  Not the types of rustic materials that they use from a junk yard but items around one’s house.  It could be an old lamp that is stored in your garage, or even in my house, I know of old golf clubs or skis that can be turned into a decorative piece for the wall.  No matter what the item is, you can develop furniture pieces that are unique and creative. The items that you develop will become a story and definitely can turn out to be a conversational piece in your home.   

The “Picker Sisters” is just one show that takes everything from the bathroom sink to find ways to be creative and develop beautiful furniture pieces.  You don’t have to be a designer to be creative.  All you need is a little imagination that starts your creative thinking process.  So I challenge you, what can you find in your home that can be turned into a piece of artwork.


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