Personality traits

We all have those days were we are invited to someone’s house for a party or just to stop by to chat for a little. When I get the chance to go over to a friend’s house, no matter what the occasion, I always seem to look around to see how they decorate.  I don’t do this to just be a creeper, but for other reasons.  I am always intrigued on how people decorate their houses.  It shows personality through design instead of through the individual.  While it shows personality, it also gives away great ideas that you can use in your own home. 

Recently I had the pleasure to visit my friend’s house.  She lives in a two bedroom, one bathroom house that is quite small, but fits her and her roommate perfectly.  For two people you don’t need a lot of space, as long as you know your limits and use the space you have efficiently.  In their house, you walk into a living room that has two velvet blue couches, a coffee table, and a pretty good size television.  It immediately reminded me of a bohemian theme.  The reason for this is because you had the blue couches and the entrance to the kitchen had the beaded strands that separated the two rooms from each other.  To go along with this they had candles and little knick knacks on the table.  Then going into one of the bedrooms I noticed the beautiful flowered artwork that was on the wall, which matched the comforter on the bed.  It showed me a different side of my friend and decorative side that I would have not even have thought of.  Once I saw the whole house I asked where she got her ideas from.  She told me that it was a relaxed type of theme.  They wanted it to be a very chill and confortable place to come home to after a long day of work or school.

When I look back on her house, I see that all design depends on the person or persons that live in the house. This is just one instance where I view decoration as a personality trait.  In future visits to homes in my life and in yours, take a step back and view the interior that you walk into.  It will open your eyes to see a trait that was not seen before.   In all an interior space tells you more about a person than by just talking to them.


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