Closets…is yours organized?

Lately I have been looking at catalogs that have been interesting. While I was rubbishing through these catalogs, I came across the Bed Bath & Beyond catalog and noticed some items that are great for organizing, most importantly organizing closets.

Closets are always seen in homes, apartments, and hotel rooms. No matter what the size of the closet, either a walk-in closet or one that has sliding doors, we all have to put our clothes somewhere to store them. This is unless you are a young boy or any boy for that matter that keeps their clothes on the floor, either clean or even dirty too. There is no offense intended to these boys that do this, they just need an easier way to organize their clothes so that this doesn’t happen. 

There are many organizing techniques that can be used to organize a closet.  First you need to decide what you want to hang. In most instances we normally hang t-shirts, dress shirts, jackets, and slacks. For women they will also hang tank tops, jeans, even dresses and skirts.  Once you have decided what to hang, I would suggest putting each type of clothing item that is similar together.  Examples of this would be t-shirts and so forth.  A tip to be even more organized would be placing each item by color, so you can see what you have and the range of colors that occupy your closet.  This tip does not need to be utilized, just an easier organization tool. 

Other ways to organize is to place bins in your closet that are used for certain items.  In this case I am referring to the accessories that women ultimately have.  This is the scarves, belts, and decorative pieces that are used to accentuate your look. Once you have bins and items that are hanging, I would then add an organizer for shoes. This could be a hanging organizer that you find at Bed Bath & Beyond or even one that is placed on a shelf or the floor in your closet, either way it gets your shoes off the floor of the closet. 

Once the shoes, accessories, and clothes are set in their particular place, you should end up with a closet that is organized and visually pleasing to pick out your outfit for every occasion. The last thing is the doors on your closet.  Most people do not like to close their closet doors, either the sliding or walk-in ones.  So I would suggest hanging a bar in front of the walk-in closet door and place a sheer curtain in front of it.  This way all you have to do is walk in.  For the sliding doors I would also place a rod and sheer curtains to hide the clothes and doors to make it visually pleasing.   

These are just some tips to organize your closet and spice up your dull and boring closet doors that you might have. The best way to find organizing accessories is stores that specialize in helping these particular spaces, such as Bed Bath & Beyond. So good luck and hopefully this inspires you closet to be revamped.


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