Creating damage to creating design…

Today at work, I was extremely busy working on remodeling the store with new merchandise that came in. We redo the store every few months to incorporate the new styles and colors for the particular season.  This season we are getting ready for Christmas. By folding every piece of clothing to perfection and size stickering them, we transformed the store. 

During this transformation a few of my co-workers and managers were talking about the jewelry case that is located on one of the tables.  They were trying to find the key to open the display case, so we can put the brand new jewelry pieces in it.  Come to find out, none of the keys that we had worked, so they had the brilliant idea to hammer the case open.  This may seem very unconventional to some, but what can you do when you can’t open it and have a brand new one sitting in the back room that could be used.  So we took the case out back to the dumpster and took a few swings and broke the case open to get the jewelry out, and at the same time we had a little fun doing damage.  But once seeing the shattered glass on the floor, it gave me a brilliant idea.

The idea was to use the shattered glass as a decorative piece.  In particular, I was thinking of using the glass with picture frames.  You would take either a plain colored frame, doesn’t matter what the color is, then start to glue on the shattered pieces of glass to the sides of the frame.  This then becomes sort of a mosaic frame that is creative and elegant.  It will take time to glue on the pieces of glass to the frame but definitely can be turned into a beautiful decorative element around a picture that brings back memories.

This idea of using shattered glass is just one way to develop an artistic project and a decorative element in your home.  Other items that could be used are sea shells, beads, sticks, and anything else that can be glued.  Whatever the object, you can incorporate it into a frame. This frame is simple and easy to do, with little effort but becomes a great piece of artwork around a picture.  So the next time you break something,  how you can incorporate that into a design element.


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