Do you make the bed or is it left a mess…

Today I have been looking through articles that would inspire me. I have found a couple, but one in particular stood out.  The reason it stood out is because I was talking with my roommate about beds and being made or not. We both came to the conclusion that we make our bed every day.  But this particular topic was brought up because her bed is normally made, but not to the extent that it should be.  She does not make the bed that much because she is out of the house before her boyfriend gets out of bed, so her boyfriend ends up making it.  This idea of making the bed to be more organized and visually pleasing to the room gave me an idea.

We all know that the bed is the most important part to a room and in most instances is the focal point.  At times when someone comes over to your home and the bed is not made, it can be embarrassing to most people. In my own experience I have witnessed that boys are normally the ones that don’t have their beds made.  This is just something I have come across but I also do see girls rooms that  also do not make their bed made. These individuals normally just pull the sheet up and leave it at that. 

Today I read an article that gave exact directions on how to make the bed for individual’s that don’t know how to.  The article came from that was titled “How to make Your Bed.” These exact directions that are very useful and can really give a new meaning to making the bed.  It could inspire the ones that don’t know how to make the bed and end up transforming them into perfect bed makers. 

Not only is making the bed important but by just knowing how to do it gives the first incentive to organize a room.  By having the bed made gives a room a different feel.  The room could be unorganized and dirty, but the bed is more of the focal point and gives it a better welcoming feel. 

So if you have any individual’s that don’t know how to make the bed, give them this article on the step by step directions and see if they change their bedroom habits.  

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