Spring cleaning in the bathroom…

Today I was getting ready for work and I noticed how much beauty supplies that I own.  I find myself using them every day and throwing them under the sink or in the cabinet.  This whole bathroom arrangement got me thinking.  Every girl and guy has bathroom essentials that they have when getting ready or just when cleaning up.  I thought, oh hey what if there was a better efficient way of organizing the bathroom to make it more effective when getting ready.

So I thought up some ideas that would be great.  First you need to take a few minutes and go through all of your cabinets and drawers, to find out which items that are used the most and which ones aren’t. The ones that are not used need to be thrown away.  Even if you think you might use them in the future and don’t want to get rid of them, nine out of ten times you won’t, so just toss them. This will save you the trouble of tossing them later.

Then I suggest that you clean the bathroom before putting everything back into a simple and organized place. Once the bathroom is clean, evaluate where you had your most essential items at.  Answer the key questions of whether you liked where your items were stored? Or were they in a convenient location?  If so keep these items in those locations, and if not, find out more convenient location to put them.  To make things even a little easier I suggest measuring your cabinet space and drawer space. Measuring your spaces will give you incentive to invest in dividers for key items that are used every day, and bins for shelves that hold your other items.  This way they will be stored and perfectly placed for a simplistic look. 

Once your bathroom is complete you will be happy and not have to worry about the messy cabinets and drawers anymore with these simple tips. So take some free time and clean your bathroom and see if they work for you!


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