Too small…No Way

Lately I have been seeing smaller spaces that are overcrowded or the furniture in the space is too large and makes the room feel smaller than it is.  So I have been thinking of ways that are easy and simple that can help a small space seem less cramped and more spacious.

To start off, one needs to consider using color when decorating a small space.  It is not really preferred to use dark or daring colors because it can make a space feel smaller than it already is. But this is also up to the person because if they want to use a color that is bold, go for it because it is seen in interior spaces. However, be sure not to use more than two colors because the space will become visually overwhelming and can make the space feel messy and unorganized.

Next would be the furniture choice.  A good way to conserve space visually is using pieces of furniture that are not bulky and oversized.  The key point is not to find furniture pieces that are massive.  They should match the size of the room and be visually pleasing at the same time.  Also one must not choose more pieces of furniture just because it is small.  The phrase “less is more” should be used in this instance because of the amount of space that is being occupied to decorate.

Like I was reiterating about furniture, one needs to be sure to stay within a scale that is appropriate.  By keeping the accessories and décor items to scale will make the room feel less cluttered.  We want the room to feel large but in fact it is a small space.  The visually pleasing element is the important part.  So when buying items or using items as accessories, be sure they are not oversized because it will just make the piece look out of place. 

The last suggestion that I would bring to decorating a small space is the aspect of making it feel larger.  The easiest way to do this is to incorporate elements into the space that elevates the height in the room.  The best example to use is window treatments. A great way to incorporate this height is to be sure to hang a curtain rod up close to the ceiling so that the curtain falls from the ceiling to the floor.  This will give the space an illusion of height but not actually doing anything to the ceilings themselves.

By incorporating these tips and ideas into a small space, one can decorate without the feeling of not knowing what to do. So try these tips in your own space and see what they can do for you.


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