Ohh kitchens…

Kitchens are an important part to any home.  It is the place where the family comes together to cook, gossip, and be as one.  In most instances kitchens are the place of conversation. When there is a get together or party, everyone ends up in the kitchen.  So today I thought I would bring some tips to this conversational area and find ways for it to be clean and organized for this purpose and everyday use.

We all know that every kitchen has a million pots, pans, and cooking accessories needed to function when cooking.  When dealing with the pots and pans in a kitchen, one must first decide where the most functional place is to put them.  The best place is near the stove or range depending on an individual’s kitchen layout.  Then it is on to the dishes, these items should be stored in upper cabinets in a place that is in between the sink and the stove.  This way it will only take a few steps to grab them or put them away.   I would also suggest putting the glass cups in the same particular places because it would be organized and easy to get to. This is also good with the silverware too.

By placing items in areas that are easy and functional to use it becomes simple when cooking and entertaining.  The main point is to organize and make the kitchen items functional for the day to day operations.  The other essential tip is to get rid of items that aren’t used very much, or at all.  Keep what you need and ditch the rest. 

So when reorganizing the kitchen, it can be easy and a little fun to eliminate the clutter and leave the essential items that brings this conversational area together.


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