Paint, how do you choose…

In many instances there is a time when you want to re-paint a room, kitchen, or bathroom.   Or you just bought a new house and don’t know how to decide on a color scheme.  Whether it is a re-paint or a new paint job it can be difficult to decide an exact color.  The magazines and television shows make it easy as 1, 2, 3 to paint or decorate, but in reality it is hard.

Any person can paint a wall a color and think it is good, but being able to paint a color on a wall and decorate is more difficult. This is especially true when the color is an important aspect to a room. Another important thing to consider is that you cannot just paint your walls a red or yellow because it’s your favorite color.  Yes, it does add to your personal preferences but choosing your ideal favorite could not be adequate for the room or space. By choosing a color that is practical and beneficial of what the room is supposed to be is what matters most.  Here are some indicators if the color choice you are using works.

One must determine the preference in what you like most or what is the style or theme that you want to introduce in the room. You might want to figure out what you plan to put on the walls first, before you develop a color choice.  This will help in choosing the right color to put on the walls. Other possible ways to help with this is to look at design shows or anything that will inspire creativity in what you want to do decorating wise.

Another way to help in finding a color choice is by considering the current style of the space. If the room is furnished, try to consider what furnishings would be permanent in the room to work off of.  If the room is empty, in vision it fully decorated and furnished to see what color might look best with the decorations you will be using. 

As researched, wall colors always end up influencing the mood or feeling of the space.  So in this respect you are going to have to decide on the mood that you want the room to have.  The choice largely depends on what the room is going to be used for.  This could be for family use, entertainment use, or a peaceful environment for sleeping.  Whatever the mood you are going for, there is a color or color scheme that will enhance it.

So by using these tips, you will be able to create a color scheme based on the wall color you want.  In most cases you aren’t going to use just one color.  When decorating a space the walls are one color, and the molding and ceiling are another as well as the window frames in the room.  By contrasting the different colors you end up with a color scheme that is unique to the space you are decorating.


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