You got the room, now the light…

In every space we enter there is always some kind of light fixture.  No space can go without a light fixture of some kind to illuminate it.  When deciding on light fixtures, it could be hard to figure out what would look best or what fixture would illuminate the space in an efficient matter. To make lighting simple and easy to work with it is recommended to see what particular fixtures you are looking for.  These fixtures could include, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and many more. Here are some suggestions for particular light fixtures.

Starting with table lamps, there are many options out there.  It depends on the type that you are looking for.  The base of a table lamp is where to start.  By choosing the base, the lamp shade is easier to pick out.  It might also be helpful to decide where the table lamp is going to be located.  Table lamps normally go on end tables in a bedroom, living room, or entrance to a home.  No matter where it is located, figuring out what kind is the unique part to it.  By following the theme in a room is the best way to decide. 

Floor lamps are the next consideration if you do not have a table surface to use.  Floor lamps come in a variety of ways.  Some have more than one lamp head and others stick with the pole and a single light bulb lamp.   A floor lamp is beneficial because they take up very little space and you get a great illumination from them.

Other particular light fixtures are pendant lights and chandeliers.  Pendant lights are normally seen over a bar or island in a kitchen.  These are great to have for direct light in a particular area of the space.  The illumination from these types of lamps are small and direct. Chandeliers on the other hand, are lamps that are bold and make a statement. They are meant to be seen and viewed as a focal point in a room.  There are hundreds of different types of chandeliers, you just have to be conscious on what the room is supposed to emphasize.  Whether you choose a pendant lamp or a chandelier, they both make a statement and can be integrated into any space and theme.

There are many other types of light fixtures that include wall mounted fixtures, track lighting, and recessed lighting.  The important part in figuring out what kind of lamp fixture to use is deciding what kind of ambiance you want the space to have.  By setting the mood of the space you can then achieve the lighting from there.  So the next time you need to pick a light fixture think of a space you feel is going to be beneficial to your needs and decide your lighting choices around that.


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