Incorporating your team spirit…

In every home we have children, teenagers, or even husbands that love sports and want to support their favorite teams in some way throughout the home or in a particular room. So I thought to myself what are ways to incorporate spirit of teams in a bedroom or office. There are always little ways to incorporate the sporty side of the individuals in a home.  It just takes a little creativity.

Some ways to do this are designating a particular area in a room or office that will be all sports. One idea to do this is developing a wall with posters or banners.  You can even display a small collage on a shelf that is completely dedicated to one sports team that you like. Other ideas are to find photos that you like from the particular sports teams you like and frame them.  This idea of framing the photos makes it more organized and more of a memory because it is framed like the personal photos that are most likely in the room or office the memorabilia is in.

Not only do you have the sports teams that you like just as hobbies but there is also the teams that are related to the college you went to or that your children go to.  Great ways to incorporate the personal team spirit is taking quality photos of the campus or the stadium and then decorate the surrounding areas with banners or items that represent the particular school that you are rooting for.  But no matter the way you want to decorate the space, there is always a little room to incorporate the spirit of you sports teams. All it takes is a space and a little creativity.

So if you are trying to figure out what to do in your home, think of the little ways to incorporate the spirit of your team in a small area or space. The important part to it is make it creative!


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