To crowd a space or keep it functional…

In many instances, some interiors have multiple items crowding a particular room in the home.  This could be due to the individuals need to have more covering the walls and floor in the space.  These types of individuals have to have every little knick knack item in their space to feel more secure.  But in reality by having a cluttered interior just makes the room look less organized and a place that is not functional.  By making the space easy to access and be more functional, it will perceive the space to be more warm and inviting.

In making a space more functional it is best to remember that the quality of the space is better than quantity.  By keeping the essential items it will be easier for you to keep the place looking clean an organized.  Not only is keeping the room clean important, but it also gives you a feeling of being able to breathe in a space you call your own.  A few areas to keep in mind to stay away from the clutter are described below.

One in particular is the items that you have.  By finding out what is more important to you rather than what might look good is a better mentality to have.  For instance, by having a couch, window treatment, tables, and a rug for a living room could be the best option on a low scale.  It does not take much to decorate a space.  By keeping the important items, is what you need to go for.

Another idea is to figure out the best functionality of the space.  This can be done by moving the furniture pieces you have to areas that are more beneficial to your needs.  In most cases, it is good to move your items multiple times to see the benefit on how it each position is different in a good or bad way.  It’s good to remember that space planning takes more than one try to make it perfect.

Another tip that would be beneficial for keeping the essentials of a space is the sense of décor items that are meant to be.  This is true with items that are small and could include mirrors, magazines, pictures and even vases if you choose to use them.  The reason for this is because it gives the room a sense that the object or objects belong there and aren’t there just to fill space.  The key is for you to keep and find items that are supposed to look like they belong in a room with the other pieces.

Once you decide which items need to be kept and where they should be put, you will find that the other items will just fall into place.  This is with the walls that set the mood of the room, the colors that give contrast and visual impact, the fabric that focuses on the quality and the lighting that keeps the eye visually pleased with the beautiful lamps or fixtures that are used.  Most of all the accessories that finish the room but makes sure that it looks like they belong, rather than an object that stands out and is perceived as odd.

These tips and decorating know how’s will keep your space clean and organized.  It will also give you an efficient place that is not cluttered or overwhelmed.   It will be sophisticated and elegant with the right amount of décor used.


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