The “junk drawer”…

In most homes or spaces there is that one place you call the “junk drawer.”  This is the drawer or place you store everything you don’t know what to do with.  This type of drawer or space can be in multiple areas of the home depending on the amount of stuff you have.  There are many tips to organizing a space like this, it just takes a few organizing tools and a good afternoon to do it.

Recommendations in starting this process is to sit down and take each item out one at a time and decide whether it is an item to keep or toss.  If the item is a keep, put the item in separate pile, such as an electronics, school, or even office space.  Once you have finished the task of sorting the items in the junk drawer, you have finished the hardest part. The next task in organizing the junk drawer is to figure out what needs to stay in the drawer or space. Once you have decided what stays you need to find the perfect place for the other items.   It is a good idea to be sure that you are sticking items in places that belong together.  The key is to have all electronics in one area, books in another, office supplies in another and so on.  By doing this you will have an easier time figuring out where you put your things.

Some other organizing helpers, such as paper filers for the important documents, electronics bins, smartly arranged food storage containers are just some examples that will be great to use in small spaces as the junk drawer or cabinets that has everything.  By creating smart mini groupings of items to separate them is the key to organizing the items of the home.

So it doesn’t take much to clean out the “junk drawer” of the house.  Just a few organizing techniques and tools do the trick in organizing your small spaces.


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