Do it yourself, quick and easy…

In many homes there are little areas that are left undone because you don’t know what to do with it. This could be a wall that has nothing decorated on it or a couch that you want to update because it looks outdated. With these areas there is always a quick and easy low cost idea that can change your room dramatically.  Some ideas that I am going to describe are simple but creative at the same time.

To start simple, the best thing to do is find something decorative to update your couch.  In most instances there are wonderful slip covers that can change the whole look of the couch in a few minutes and you don’t have to buy something expensive to do it. It only takes a large sheet found at a local store and the creativity of putting it on correctly.  The easiest way to use a sheet as a slip cover is to lay it evenly out on the couch. Then tuck in the sheet to the cushions first and then staple gun the rest of the sheet to the underside of the couch.  Once you have done that you have succeeded in dramatically changing a dull, outdated couch into something brand new. Not only can you makeover the couch but by throwing in some decorative pillows, can also spice up your couch in just seconds by adding items like these.

Another idea for the walls is shadow boxes to decorate and fill your space.  By filling up shadow boxes with your treasured keepsakes make a great decorative piece for your room.  There are many items you can capture in a shadow box such as, highlights from family members lives, luggage labels, maps, report cards, badges, and awards that hold special meaning to you.  Whatever you decide to put in the shadow boxes, they are keepsakes and a great tool for decorating. 

The other idea that could be simple and creative is creating bookshelves with old books that are lying around.  All you need is hardware that can be connected to the wall and the books that you decide to use. By using books to make a bookshelf rather than a piece of wood, gives the decorative piece more character and the ability to be creative at the same time. 

These are just a few low cost and simple ideas to update your space.  It doesn’t matter where you decorate and use these tips because it can be incorporated in any room you choose.  It just adds creativity.


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