Watch your spacing…

When decorating a room the hardest part is normally where to put everything.  This is especially in the case of a living room or entertaining spot.  In each instance we want to maximize the amount of space in the room while also maintain the flow and comfort. It is normally like a puzzle figuring out where which piece fits the best where.  Here are some tricks of the trade to make this process easier in every situation.

To start you need to ask yourself how you want the room to be used.  This could be for entertaining? Watching television? Or it could be a place to just come home to and relax.  No matter what the room is for, becoming familiar with how your space will be used will make it much easier for you to arrange your furniture accordingly.  Another way to help is brainstorming this way because it will make it easier for you to figure out which furniture pieces will work the best in this room and even to eliminate the ones that are just too much.

Next you need to consider whether your room will be used as a pathway or a walk through room. By figuring this out it will be easier for you to position the sofas and chairs close together so it doesn’t intervene with whatever is going on in the room at the time.  You and you visitors will appreciate having a space that is allowed for comfort and not as a disruption spot when others are walking through.

One tool that has helped me in the past, and is also a design tool is space planning. Space planning is a technique that is used when trying to figure out the best place for your furniture.  The easiest way to utilize this tool is to draw out your room in a piece of paper. Once the room is drawn out, cut out your furniture pieces on different sheets and arrange and rearrange until you are fully satisfied with the position of your pieces.  This is beneficial because it takes away from the heavy lifting you would do if you moved the furniture pieces multiple times. So use space planning to help with this.

Also you need to think U shaped when laying out a design for your room.  By selecting a U shaped layout, it creates a more inviting space while making it easy for everyone to communicate with each other. So avoid the dreadful L shape format as much as possible.  This layout normally tends to be uncomfortable in social settings and usually leaves someone out of the conversation.

Other thing to consider is pairing, which helps with the balance of your room.  This includes finding similar size end tables, lamps, and matching chairs that will bring consistency to your space while inviting everyone to stop and enjoy the room.  The biggest thing to remember is to make sure you balance your space.  Do not overcrowd the room with large objects that do not belong.  Be sure to visualize your room as it is being decorated.

The last thing to consider when placing your items in your room is what is your focal point.  Every room has one; it could be a flat screen TV that is going in the room, a fireplace, or even a window that has a spectacular view.  No matter what is consider the room to be decorated around that point.  By doing this you will find that your room is a great place that is inviting and comfortable.


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