A cramped kitchen to a luxurious kitchen…

In some homes or apartments you don’t have the luxury to have the lavish kitchen appliances or space that you would want. In these situations the kitchen is cramped and small and you can’t figure out the most efficient way to store all your appliances and supplies used for a kitchen.   It is important not to feel frustrated with the lack of space.  It could seem impossible to figure out the right solutions for making a small kitchen into a functional space to prepare food.  But in every situation there is always a solution to the tightest kitchen spaces to make them functional.  There are just a few places that need to have the most attention when trying to make more room in your kitchen.

The first is the amount of counter space and appliances.  This is an important factor in making a small kitchen efficient.  This is significant both to the design standpoint and the function standpoint because large appliances normally take up large amounts of space.  Most manufacturers make two different kinds of appliances.  They make the standard and they have also designed smaller ones for smaller spaces such as these.  If you have the larger version of appliances, this could be the reason why that you have been frustrated with the lack of room.  So the best way to keep these appliances down to a minimum is to focus on less is more concept.  I would recommend keeping a toaster, if it is the smaller version, and a coffee maker; this is if you drink coffee.  Also if there is not a built-in microwave in your small kitchen, this is the last appliance that I would keep on the counters because these are the ones that are used most. The rest of the appliances that you have, store them in a place that is quick and convenient to get to when needed, but keep them off the counters for the reason of having more counter space to prepare food.

The second part of a kitchen that will need to keep close attention to is the cabinetry.  The cabinetry is key to storage space for a kitchen.  The less cabinetry that you have the more difficult the task will be to store all you items such as, cups, plates, bowls, bake goods, and the like.  By placing the glasses, plates, utensils, and bowls closest to the sink will help with emptying and loading of the dishwasher.  The pots and pans should be placed nearest to the stove or range, depending on which one you have, this is also a good place to put the baking pans.  By having these items near the range or stove you will have an efficient and organized kitchen being utilized with the little amount of space that you have.  The other extra items that are cookie jars, vases, and the like can be stored in the upper cabinets that aren’t used on a daily basis.

These are the most important aspects to making a tight and cramped kitchen into your own luxurious space.  It just takes a few organizing solutions and figuring out how to utilize the space you have to your benefit.  It could take time to figure out what is more important to put where, but the end result is what matters most.  A small kitchen that is organized for the efficient use of preparing food and the everyday needs is the goal to making your kitchen luxurious.


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