What’s your entry like…

An important part to building an entryway is the creativity and impression you want to bring to the space.  This is the place where the guests come in and create that first impression of your home.  They say the first impression is the last impression, so by knowing that the entry way should be decorated carefully and with thought behind it.  Not only do you have to worry about the decoration of the entry way you also need to look at lighting, lighting plays a key role in the decoration of any space.  This is especially true with entryways and their lighting.

There are specific types of lighting that is great to use in entryways.  The general lighting for the entryway is the ambient light that brings a more comfortable look. Another good idea is to place mirrors in the entryway, which is necessary for providing task lighting. For large entryways it is great to use accent lighting that helps create the focal points of the space.  With these types of lighting, it is very useful to emphasize particular objects like picture frames and flowers in your entryway.

When deciding the best light for your entryway, it all depends on the size.  The size and the space of the entryway gives you the best advice on picking the best light. These recommendations for lighting on entryways will help you enhance your space.  For large entryways the best light fixtures to use are chandeliers, sconces, and pendent lights. These three types of lighting create a soft and charming effect to your entryway. Although in small entryways pendant lighting should be used and a single wall sconce can be used in these particular sized spaces.

When placing your lighting, be sure to put them in the most appropriate place to create a good impact.  To create a good effect with sconces lighting, be sure to place the sconces eye level or higher above the floor and the spacing between the sconces should not be more than arms width apart from each other.  The appropriate placement with all lighting is important because you want the most out of your entryway and be able to enhance the space.

So when choosing your entryway light, be sure that it attracts the right amount of light for your space. Also the placement and focal points you want to emphasize in the entryway will give you the ideal look that you want.


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