The easy and simple…

In many individuals home it is hard to find the best decorating ideas for your space in a low cost way.  It could be with just wanting to update a room or space or trying to figure out what is the best way to utilize your furnishing and space effectively. Here are some helpful tips to utilize your space on a low budget but getting the most out of the space you want.

One way to try and make a small space appear and feel bigger is to brighten the space with the use of mirrors.  The best way to do this is to cover a wall or a section of a wall with a large mirror or smaller mirrors. You can find these inexpensive mirrors in many places.  The mirrors you chose can be in a wide range of sizes, they can also be painted to match the ideal color of your room, and the placement of the mirrors can be random.  The placement can be random but make sure they are at chest level or higher. 

The next tip is to use picture frames to create a new focal point in your space.  You can find old frames at yard sales or other frames that you have lying around.  It is great to use all different sizes and shapes to make it a collage while being creative at the same time.  Find enough frames to cover a section of the wall that is adequate for the space you want covered. Once you have all the frames start taking off the backs and the glass of the frames and toss them.  Then take your frames and hang them on the desired wall in no particular order.  Once that is done find a quote or saying that you particularly like and place it within this area of the frames or on the outside.  Whatever you chose it will become a creative focal point to the space, and definitely a conversational piece that you can have.

Another idea to make an inexpensive decoration piece easy and affordable is flower arrangements.  You don’t have to spend a fortune to buy new flowers every time you want something pretty for the season.  All you need to do is go to a local craft store and find the particular colors and style you want.  Once you have chosen your flowers, spice it up with a vase or a sconce on the wall that you can put them in.  It is a nice colorful touch that is easy to do and makes the space feel more at home.

This next idea is to create a stunning affect to your space.  Pick a room and paint one wall a drastic color that enhances the space.  Be sure to remain in the same family paint colors that you have in your home. You don’t want to have a wall that is too overdone. It takes away from all the other aspects other the space but it is a great way to make a stunning affect to a room.

These are just a few tips that can change a room in a simple and non-expensive way.  It is more of an upgrade to the decoration that you already have.  So by utilizing the space and effectively trying to create a new change is a great way to decorate in an easy manner. But is also good to remember to go with your instinct and do something that is creative for you. It is your space and you need to make it your own and it doesn’t take a fortune to do it.


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