Your space…

Everyone likes to have that one room that is completely theirs and no one else’s.  It is also a space that is used for many activities and most importantly a place to lay their head at night.  In most cases it is a bedroom that is used for a young adult or teenager that asks for it to be theirs. This space has to have the needs and wants that the person wants but at the same time has the storage for the many items they have.  It is important to have this great space that is their own and that suits the needs that they want while being functional at the same time.

The first you need to figure out is the multiple uses that the space would be used for.  In this case it would be somewhere to sleep and to store your clothes. Not only does it have these uses but it will also need storage space and sometimes if it is a younger person, a place to study.

It is a beneficial idea to clear out the clutter before you decide to design a room that you want.  There is no point in making a space that will end up cluttered and not being able to function at the same time.  After de-cluttering the space you need to find that right amount of storage and sleep space in the room.  This could be having a bed and a few other storage dressers.  The items that could be used are a nightstand that holds the essential storage for when you go to bed.  A shelf that can have books, games, decorative pieces that you have, a dresser for more storage of clothes, and maybe a desk depending on the uses that is needed in the particular room.  When picking the furniture, be sure to get the essentials first and then the accent pieces after, depending on the space that you have.

The other efficient way to keep the room the way you want it is to find decorate pieces for the wall that represents you.  Be creative, if you are a sports nut use sports memorabilia or if you are into music decorate with the music aspect in mind.  No matter how you decorate it, it is your space and that is the reason you are creating it. 

When designing this room be sure to make it your own because this is the one area you go to when you want to be alone, have important homework to finish, or especially to sleep.  So keep it creative but functional while decorating YOUR space.


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