About Me

Hi! My name is Kyrsten Webb. I am here to take my creative imagination into action with the simple solutions to easy house hold problems. Using simplicity and design and a little organization on the way.

Imagination and design in a house hold opens the eyes to opportunity. The opportunity to grow something old or out dated to something that is sophistacated and elegant.  It could be just organizing a drawer in a bathroom or kitchen, all the same it takes a 1,2,3 step ation to do it. Here I am going to take the little problems that we always wanted to fix but don’t know how to do it, and turn them into easy solutions for anyone to use.  It takes some patience and organization skills but everyone can come up with amazing ideas if they just step back and look at the problem. 

So I hope you enjoy the little ideas and imagination I take in these simple techniques and come up with your own in your houselhold!



Below is my video about me and my blog. Check it out!





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