Do it yourself, quick and easy…

In many homes there are little areas that are left undone because you don’t know what to do with it. This could be a wall that has nothing decorated on it or a couch that you want to update because it looks outdated. With these areas there is always a quick and easy low cost idea that can change your room dramatically.  Some ideas that I am going to describe are simple but creative at the same time.

To start simple, the best thing to do is find something decorative to update your couch.  In most instances there are wonderful slip covers that can change the whole look of the couch in a few minutes and you don’t have to buy something expensive to do it. It only takes a large sheet found at a local store and the creativity of putting it on correctly.  The easiest way to use a sheet as a slip cover is to lay it evenly out on the couch. Then tuck in the sheet to the cushions first and then staple gun the rest of the sheet to the underside of the couch.  Once you have done that you have succeeded in dramatically changing a dull, outdated couch into something brand new. Not only can you makeover the couch but by throwing in some decorative pillows, can also spice up your couch in just seconds by adding items like these.

Another idea for the walls is shadow boxes to decorate and fill your space.  By filling up shadow boxes with your treasured keepsakes make a great decorative piece for your room.  There are many items you can capture in a shadow box such as, highlights from family members lives, luggage labels, maps, report cards, badges, and awards that hold special meaning to you.  Whatever you decide to put in the shadow boxes, they are keepsakes and a great tool for decorating. 

The other idea that could be simple and creative is creating bookshelves with old books that are lying around.  All you need is hardware that can be connected to the wall and the books that you decide to use. By using books to make a bookshelf rather than a piece of wood, gives the decorative piece more character and the ability to be creative at the same time. 

These are just a few low cost and simple ideas to update your space.  It doesn’t matter where you decorate and use these tips because it can be incorporated in any room you choose.  It just adds creativity.


Branding Yourself by Erik Deckers & Kyle Lacy Book Review

Through one of my classes at school, I was introduced to a book about branding oneself using social media to invent or reinvent yourself.  I have just recently finished this book a few weeks ago and it was enjoyable and informative.  It gave you everything one should know about the right way to make yourself known to others in our day and age through technology.  This is a book that gives wonderful advice but also tells you what are the best online sources to make yourself stand out the most and get more feedback.

 In this day and age where there is so much competition to get your name out there, this book gives the correct steps to bypass all the others and get to your goals.  This book gives great examples on how other people have worked on to get the best results out of their social media sites through marketing themselves.  By reading these examples it gave great insight on how branding yourself through social media really does give you beneficial results.

The most beneficial part to this book that I thought will help me the most is the do’s and don’ts section of each chapter. It gave great tips on what to do, to succeed when making yourself known to others in our society today.  The book gives you everything from top to bottom in what you need to do to succeed.   

This book is very beneficial to anyone that wants to make themselves grow in the career path they want.  The authors did an amazing job in giving you the path to succeed in inventing or reinventing yourself.  So if you have not picked up this book yourself, I would recommend everyone to read it and use the tools and tips to guide yourself to the goals and success you want in your life.

The “junk drawer”…

In most homes or spaces there is that one place you call the “junk drawer.”  This is the drawer or place you store everything you don’t know what to do with.  This type of drawer or space can be in multiple areas of the home depending on the amount of stuff you have.  There are many tips to organizing a space like this, it just takes a few organizing tools and a good afternoon to do it.

Recommendations in starting this process is to sit down and take each item out one at a time and decide whether it is an item to keep or toss.  If the item is a keep, put the item in separate pile, such as an electronics, school, or even office space.  Once you have finished the task of sorting the items in the junk drawer, you have finished the hardest part. The next task in organizing the junk drawer is to figure out what needs to stay in the drawer or space. Once you have decided what stays you need to find the perfect place for the other items.   It is a good idea to be sure that you are sticking items in places that belong together.  The key is to have all electronics in one area, books in another, office supplies in another and so on.  By doing this you will have an easier time figuring out where you put your things.

Some other organizing helpers, such as paper filers for the important documents, electronics bins, smartly arranged food storage containers are just some examples that will be great to use in small spaces as the junk drawer or cabinets that has everything.  By creating smart mini groupings of items to separate them is the key to organizing the items of the home.

So it doesn’t take much to clean out the “junk drawer” of the house.  Just a few organizing techniques and tools do the trick in organizing your small spaces.

To crowd a space or keep it functional…

In many instances, some interiors have multiple items crowding a particular room in the home.  This could be due to the individuals need to have more covering the walls and floor in the space.  These types of individuals have to have every little knick knack item in their space to feel more secure.  But in reality by having a cluttered interior just makes the room look less organized and a place that is not functional.  By making the space easy to access and be more functional, it will perceive the space to be more warm and inviting.

In making a space more functional it is best to remember that the quality of the space is better than quantity.  By keeping the essential items it will be easier for you to keep the place looking clean an organized.  Not only is keeping the room clean important, but it also gives you a feeling of being able to breathe in a space you call your own.  A few areas to keep in mind to stay away from the clutter are described below.

One in particular is the items that you have.  By finding out what is more important to you rather than what might look good is a better mentality to have.  For instance, by having a couch, window treatment, tables, and a rug for a living room could be the best option on a low scale.  It does not take much to decorate a space.  By keeping the important items, is what you need to go for.

Another idea is to figure out the best functionality of the space.  This can be done by moving the furniture pieces you have to areas that are more beneficial to your needs.  In most cases, it is good to move your items multiple times to see the benefit on how it each position is different in a good or bad way.  It’s good to remember that space planning takes more than one try to make it perfect.

Another tip that would be beneficial for keeping the essentials of a space is the sense of décor items that are meant to be.  This is true with items that are small and could include mirrors, magazines, pictures and even vases if you choose to use them.  The reason for this is because it gives the room a sense that the object or objects belong there and aren’t there just to fill space.  The key is for you to keep and find items that are supposed to look like they belong in a room with the other pieces.

Once you decide which items need to be kept and where they should be put, you will find that the other items will just fall into place.  This is with the walls that set the mood of the room, the colors that give contrast and visual impact, the fabric that focuses on the quality and the lighting that keeps the eye visually pleased with the beautiful lamps or fixtures that are used.  Most of all the accessories that finish the room but makes sure that it looks like they belong, rather than an object that stands out and is perceived as odd.

These tips and decorating know how’s will keep your space clean and organized.  It will also give you an efficient place that is not cluttered or overwhelmed.   It will be sophisticated and elegant with the right amount of décor used.

Spice up your space in the living room…

Living rooms are the places where you and your family will get together and spend time enjoying each other’s company and being able to relax.  The living room is also the place where guests will sit and enjoy the company of a warm and inviting place.  By knowing this it is important to design a living room that is efficient and organized to the needs of the family.  It does not have to take a designer or professional to design a living room for this use, it takes a little creativity and most of all what the family wants most in the room.  By knowing what you want, one can make the right choices on the color, furniture and make your room look spacious and lively at the same time. 

Starting with the wall color, it should be a color that is not too dark because it will make the room feel smaller, as well as dull and intense. This way the color and accent colors you have chosen will compliment each other and at the same time will make the room appear more spacious.  So try and find colors that can be accented with the furniture and décor that you plan on putting in the room. The sofa and fabrics should all blend in with the wall colors so it gives your living room an extraordinary look. 

When deciding design ideas for a living room, one should consider the amount of brightness you want in the room.  A living room should have a feeling of being happy with bright colors.  It has been said that a bright room will attract the members of the family, but also gives a warm and inviting place for whoever comes to visit your home.  When having a bright room it helps set the mood for everything.  You can also spice up the room by adding colorful flowers and accent pillows too liven up the space and also making it a room that everyone can enjoy.

Another idea that can make the room more spacious is adding mirrors.  By adding large mirrors or even small ones will make the room appear larger.  By adding mirrors it will increase the width of your space with the reflections.  I would recommend placing a large mirror behind a sofa to make it an accent and focal point.

The last thing is the floors.  In most instances one cannot redo the flooring in the home.  But there are ways around it because area rugs are a great way to brighten the space and cover the flooring if you do not particularly like it.  If you can replace the flooring a great choice would be wood floors.  These types of floors are very durable and make a room look sophisticated at the same time. 

Not only do you have these elements in a living room but the lighting is also important when adding it do the rest of the décor.  It is important to choose different types of lighting from, ambient light to fluorescent.  This way you can change the mood of the room at particular times of the day.

All of these tips and ideas are great to develop a living room that everyone can enjoy.

Incorporating your team spirit…

In every home we have children, teenagers, or even husbands that love sports and want to support their favorite teams in some way throughout the home or in a particular room. So I thought to myself what are ways to incorporate spirit of teams in a bedroom or office. There are always little ways to incorporate the sporty side of the individuals in a home.  It just takes a little creativity.

Some ways to do this are designating a particular area in a room or office that will be all sports. One idea to do this is developing a wall with posters or banners.  You can even display a small collage on a shelf that is completely dedicated to one sports team that you like. Other ideas are to find photos that you like from the particular sports teams you like and frame them.  This idea of framing the photos makes it more organized and more of a memory because it is framed like the personal photos that are most likely in the room or office the memorabilia is in.

Not only do you have the sports teams that you like just as hobbies but there is also the teams that are related to the college you went to or that your children go to.  Great ways to incorporate the personal team spirit is taking quality photos of the campus or the stadium and then decorate the surrounding areas with banners or items that represent the particular school that you are rooting for.  But no matter the way you want to decorate the space, there is always a little room to incorporate the spirit of you sports teams. All it takes is a space and a little creativity.

So if you are trying to figure out what to do in your home, think of the little ways to incorporate the spirit of your team in a small area or space. The important part to it is make it creative!

You got the room, now the light…

In every space we enter there is always some kind of light fixture.  No space can go without a light fixture of some kind to illuminate it.  When deciding on light fixtures, it could be hard to figure out what would look best or what fixture would illuminate the space in an efficient matter. To make lighting simple and easy to work with it is recommended to see what particular fixtures you are looking for.  These fixtures could include, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants, and many more. Here are some suggestions for particular light fixtures.

Starting with table lamps, there are many options out there.  It depends on the type that you are looking for.  The base of a table lamp is where to start.  By choosing the base, the lamp shade is easier to pick out.  It might also be helpful to decide where the table lamp is going to be located.  Table lamps normally go on end tables in a bedroom, living room, or entrance to a home.  No matter where it is located, figuring out what kind is the unique part to it.  By following the theme in a room is the best way to decide. 

Floor lamps are the next consideration if you do not have a table surface to use.  Floor lamps come in a variety of ways.  Some have more than one lamp head and others stick with the pole and a single light bulb lamp.   A floor lamp is beneficial because they take up very little space and you get a great illumination from them.

Other particular light fixtures are pendant lights and chandeliers.  Pendant lights are normally seen over a bar or island in a kitchen.  These are great to have for direct light in a particular area of the space.  The illumination from these types of lamps are small and direct. Chandeliers on the other hand, are lamps that are bold and make a statement. They are meant to be seen and viewed as a focal point in a room.  There are hundreds of different types of chandeliers, you just have to be conscious on what the room is supposed to emphasize.  Whether you choose a pendant lamp or a chandelier, they both make a statement and can be integrated into any space and theme.

There are many other types of light fixtures that include wall mounted fixtures, track lighting, and recessed lighting.  The important part in figuring out what kind of lamp fixture to use is deciding what kind of ambiance you want the space to have.  By setting the mood of the space you can then achieve the lighting from there.  So the next time you need to pick a light fixture think of a space you feel is going to be beneficial to your needs and decide your lighting choices around that.